Dangerous Sports

April 6, 2011
By Benjaminc BRONZE, Boulder, Colorado
Benjaminc BRONZE, Boulder, Colorado
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Have you ever wondered if some dangerous sports should be banned from kids? Many sports are risky for kids but if they are played responsibly they have many great benefits.

For many sports there are proper safety requirements and rules you have to follow to play the sport for example hockey, football, and lacrosse all have mandatory rules that you have to follow. Some of the rules in hockey include no hitting from behind no slashing and no high sticking this is because this can all lead to injury says the “Winnetka Hockey Club” an expert in hockey. Now football, there are many rules in football that can insure safety on kids and children including no facemask tackling witch can lead to head injuries to the head and the neck which is one of the most common injuries in football according to Elizabeth Quinn a expert in exercise and fitness. Lacrosse is another sport that many people think is much to dangerous for kids but there is still rules that can make the game safe. Including no body checking or cross checking two things that can lead to injury says US Lacrosse a big leader in the sport.
You might be thinking well this stuff can still happen in the game but there is also quite a lot of equipment to make these sports safe as well. For example in hockey for kids you must ware a regulation hockey helmet with a facemask to avoid injury from pucks says Hughston Health alert a sports medicine company they also say you need gloves, shoulder pads and a chest protector, leg guards, hockey pants, and elbow pads these all make this sport much safer. Now for football there are tons of things that you are required and must ware and even the pros have to ware these things first off a helmet and a facemask this can help you from any face or head injury. Next off a mouth guard this is so if you get knocked in the chin you don’t loose any of your teeth. Next shoulder pads and knee pads this can prevent injuries to other parts of your body. And last off the sport of lacrosse in lacrosse it also requires you two ware shoulder pads a helmet and a facemask this can all prevent head, face and shoulder injuries.
Know that we have talked about all the risks and equipment in sports like Hockey, lacrosse, and football I would like to talk about all the beneficial things in these sports. First off it can increase you self esteem because you are outside doing something fun and active and this will always make you feel like a better person. It also enhances your adrenaline level which can make a stronger healthier person which then again leads into helping your self esteem. And last off it can release a lot of stress because if you have had a long day of school for example it then just gives you time to get that stress from school out by having fun outside doing something you love to do.
As you can easily see many sports can be very risky for kids but if they are played with responsibility they can be safe and have great benefits. You can also see if there are proper safety requirements to dangerous sports they can be played safely and they can also lead to great benefits in health and self esteem. There is absolutely no reason why kids can not play a dangerous sport when there are so many ways to make them safe and fun with great benefits.

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