April 8, 2011
By , boulder, CO
Steroids are a dangerous game you decide if u wants to play it

Athletes who use steroids get an unfair boost that is very unfair that is why they should be banned from every sport they also have many negative side effects .such ass blood pressure acne, nose bleeding, hair loss, puffiness, and heart problems. Besides all of these side effects buying and possessing them is I legal, and if purchasing in the black market you don’t know what others put into the drug. You can also go to jail for five year if selling and disturbing for possession you spend a small time in jail.

Steroids are made in a lab from human hormone. people make few hormones a day if you take a pill that has a 100 more hormones .will increase your strength and speed and can also cause a grout sprout or growth stop your body only needs a certain amount of hormones and putting more into you is like poring water into an already full glass witch results as a big mess that is hard to clean up .are a couple of years of glory really worth suffering for the rest of your life.

Should steroids be allowed in sports? Are steroids fair to those who train hard with no steroids? Does any body really care about their health rather than your appearance? Should steroids remain among us?

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