March 24, 2011
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Everybody is always trying to be the best they can be at anything no matter what it takes. Whether it be a certain type of drug or by just trying your hardest to be the best. In professional sports a certain type of drug called steroids as taken over the world of sports. The one sport that steroids has really influenced the game is baseball. When your playing baseball you want to hit the ball the farthest and throw the hardest. Instead of just working to get the muscle you need, the pros take the easy way out and start taking steroids. Steroids make you stronger and baseball players think that it can help out there game for the good way. But if you get caught your legacy will forever be shadowed over the drug that you took.

There have been many cases in baseball where some of the best players in the game today have been tested positive for taking steroids. Two of the major cases have been Barry Bonds and Mark Mcgwire. These two guys are arguably two of the best players of all time. On August 8th, 2007, Barry Bonds surpassed the all time great Hank Aaron as he hit his 756th home run of his career which gave him the title of being baseballs all time leader in home runs. Barry finished his career hitting 762 home runs (which is now the all time record) 1996 RBI’s and a batting average of .298. All of those 762 home runs and the title of being the all time leader in home runs is now being over shadowed because of the use of steroids. If Bonds did all that without using steroids he woulf probably be known as the greatest hitter ever, but since he used steroids people hear Barry Bonds and they think of steroids not that he hit 762 home runs. The player that every fan thinks will be the new home run champion is Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees. But in 2009 Alex Rodiguez tested positive for the use of steroids and now his career is being shadowed by steroids not all the home runs that are being hit by him.

Steroids is not only being used by hitters, it is also being by pitchers. One of the best pitchers of all time, Roger Clemens, has also been tested positive for Steroids. Roger Clemens who has who has 354 wins, 7 Cy Young awards, 11 time all star, and 1 MVP award, will be forever shadowed by his use for steroids. All of his wins and cy young awards will be forever vanished because he cheated to be able to achieve those awards. Roger is also 3rd on the all time list for most strikeouts. The real question is could he have done all this without steroids. Some say yes because of how he did in the begining of his career. I personally don’t think that he could have never achieved all of those stats and awards without him having cheated.

The MLB and commisioner Bud Selig have been trying to get steroids out of the game for a while now. They have been trying everything like suspending palyers, giving everyone a random drug test, and “The Mitchell Report”. The Mitchell Report was a book that gave a list of players that took steroids while playing in the MLB. Players like David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez, Alex Rodriguez, Mo Vaughn, Eric Gagne, Jason Giambi, Gary Sheffield, Brian Roberts, Andy Pettitte, Miguel Tejada, Rafael Palmeiro, and Troy Glaus. All of these players in this list are some of the best players of there time. When I hear that a player uses steroids I see them as cheaters and don’t see them being a good baseball player.

As you can see, steroids has and always will be a problem in Major League Baseball. No matter what they do I don’t think that steroids will ever be out of the game. My opinion on the only way that steroids will forever be out of the game will be if you do a random drug test on every player every year, and whoever test positive will no longer be allowed to play in the MLB. They will forever be suspended from the game no matter who it is.

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