The Typical Interscholastic Athlete

March 24, 2011
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In every school there are different types of students. They may differ in things like effort, social status or simply by ability. One group is able to make it through school with relative ease; this group of students is often unfairly labeled as “nerds” or “geeks”. However those students are able to lead successful lives even with constant bullying from other types of students. For this reason I believe that they receive unnecessary pity from adults and teachers. The students that should be pitied most are the ones that are never mentioned. This typically overlooked group of students is known as the athletes. Often overlooked and called names such as “jocks”, athletes are forced to face many more challenges than one may think.

Most students are able to go home on the bus and have multiple hours to themselves to do whatever they feel like doing. They’re able to complete their homework and do activities that they may enjoy like watching television or hanging out with their friends. As an athlete, a person loses all ability to experience those options. Due to extensive practices everyday after school athletes have strict time restraints in their schedules. With practices some athletes like myself end up getting home at 6pm. From there I’m forced to eat dinner and shower leaving me only a couple of hours before I’m simply too tired to do any homework and need to go to sleep.

The lack of time also creates huge problems with studying. When huge tests are approaching, regular students study for hours at a time, multiple times per week. Athletes on the other hand are forced to cram knowledge at any time they can which isn’t a positive way of learning. On game night the prospect of studying is at a complete loss due to the extremely late end time. By the end of their game athletes can barely keep their eyes open and simply want to go home to rest and prepare for the next day.

In the end athletes should not be held to the standard that they are presently at. The pressures that these athletes face is remarkable. The fact that they don’t just break down is beyond me. Teachers and other adults need to realize the difficulties these students face and ease up on them.

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Dec. 14, 2011 at 11:52 am
SO true....also athletes who are trying to get scholarships have the added pressure of keeping up a high average and performing to their best at all times!
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