Intense Sport Vs. Worst Game

February 4, 2011
By Pablo BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Pablo BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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One man pulls up from away and slammed a ball into a hoop ten feet high. The other man lifts his hand and swivels a tiny object one inch forward. Basketball is more intense than chess as far as the need of athletic excellence, split second decision making, and being aware of the surroundings. For obvious reasons we all know which activity gives us all an adrenaline high.

All athletes must be able to run the risk of being hurt on the basketball court. Some collisions may occur, but it requires a constant valiant effort. Your muscles must be stretched, warm, toned, and prepared for anything to be thrown at them. It does not matter if you are crippled to play chess.

The guard is dribbling up the court on a fast break, a defensive player sprints up and rattles his cage. He needs half of a second to think if he can make a pass up court or if he needs to turtle-speed it down and set up a play. In the game of chess one has all the time in the world.

A forward man gets the ball entered into him in the paint; he must realize where the defense will jump him from. At the same time recognize that he cannot stay in the key for longer than three seconds. Otherwise he will give up a lethal position and turnover the ball to the other team and let them possess an opportunity to score. In chess you have a plan in your mind, but it moves too slowly and the audience keeps no cares.

Likewise basketball is more unpredictable, intense, and more of an adrenaline rush. Basketball is more interesting than chess. Make the right move, and enjoy basketball!

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