Video Games Are Art

February 8, 2011
Art in all of its shapes and forms have influenced people worldwide. It is a way of expressing oneself through a specific medium, whether it is through music, photography, painting, writing, or video game. They all tell a story, and have the feelings of the creators poured into them. They do this sometimes to send a message across to the audience, to convey a feeling, thought, or memory. The widely debated art form known as Video Games is an interactive medium, where your actions can shape the story. A game is just a book that allows you to view the surroundings, interact with them, and immerse yourself in the world your character is in. It is a movie, where you choose the character’s actions, thus changing the plot, even if minutely. To say video games are not a form of art is to say that books are not art. It is saying that movies are not art, music is not art, when in fact, in fact, a video game is a compilation of all these things. To make a game, there must be a writer, who is the author of the story. A composer is required to make the soundtracks that go into a game and provide the mood and tone for the setting. Finally, an artist is required, like in a movie, to make the world come to life with visuals.

A video game is art at its finest. It takes aspects from other art forms, and combines them into a work that the player can interact with. Instead of a player watching or reading the daring feats of the protagonist, the player becomes that protagonist. This allows for connections that people are unable to make just by reading a book or watching a movie.

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