Practice is the Most Important Part of Golf

January 16, 2011
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Does the equipment make the golfer? In Nick Schulz’s article, “Chuck Those Woods,” Schulz expresses his thoughts on high tech golf equipment. These companies are big: Nike, Taylor Made, Callaway, Ping, and Titleist are always at work creating new products that promise to help golfers improve their game. Schulz feels strongly against high tech equipment. For the pros, the latest equipment is beneficial because companies design equipment intended to fix small problems for well experienced golfers. “Weekend golfers” as Schulz says should stay away from the new equipment. Spending hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on top quality clubs or balls is a waste for golfers who don’t depend on the game. The new technology can only hurt rather than help them. The best medicine for weekend golfers, as prescribed by Schulz, is practice.

New technology is always fun. Something new feels good. For golfers, a new club and new kind of ball, bag, is no different. New equipment brings confidence, a hope that the round will go better. You don’t have to be Dustin Johnson, on the verge of winning a major, in order to need new equipment. Every golfer, no matter the stage, deserves to enjoy the latest technology.

Equipment isn’t the only answer; but, an average golfer can’t go to the store and buy a new five wood and expect to win the Masters. Schulz is correct: the only way to succeed is practice. Like they say, practice makes perfect. Practice. Practice. Practice. Any golfer who is dedicated to the games knows if they want to get anywhere they have to practice. Get a new club. Enjoy it. But take it to the range and work with it until it’s comfortable and then see how it works on the course.

Golfers know their game. They know their swing and how they play. If they’re in a funk, the best idea may be to add a new club. Golf is a game of confidence and if a new club or a new ball is what it takes to boost confidence, splurge and make that purchase.

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