Broken BCS

January 14, 2011
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Whether or not college football should get rid of the BCS has been a hot topic for the past ten years. In this article the author, Charles Sisk explains how computers should be the only deciding factor in rankings. He believes that a playoff system wouldn’t work because where ever the cut off is for which teams get in, there would be dispute. He explains how computers have no bias and will pick the best team every time not the team with more prestige. The Sisk doesn’t want a playoff system and thinks it will never happen.

Are the computers wrecking the NCAA? If so, will a playoff system rescue college football?

NCAA basketball has proved through March Madness that playoffs can be extremely successful. In 2009, March Madness nearly had twice the views as all the bowls games combined. Sisk claims there will never be a Play off because schools make too much money in the current BCS system. If an eight team play off was put in place, each game could be sponsored by a company; for instance the Tostitos Quarterfinal Game or the Outback Semi-Final Game. That way companies could still sponsor games and schools could still get money from them. If the playoff only included the top eight teams, then the rest of the teams could still be in traditional bowl games. A playoff system will bring more games and more games bring more money.

Sisk believes people shouldn’t be able to make ranking and decide who goes to what bowl games because they are biased, but this isn’t true. In the current system only teams in automatic qualifying conferences could get into the national championship game. Boise state and TCU went undefeated last year and didn’t get into the Championship game because of their conference. Bias will always be in the game but a playoff that allows the top teams in it could help. The smaller teams that are undefeated will have a chance to prove themselves and the bigger schools will be allowed to have one loss and still have a chance at the championship. If eight teams were allowed into the playoff bracket all of the undefeated teams would be accounted for and there would be less argument. In the current system computers make up half the rankings and human polls the other half. If humans were taken out of the equation year after year the National Championship would be two teams from the SEC, because the computers weigh strength of schedule so much. Computers can’t quantify the finesse, or dominance of a team only numbers.

Overwhelmingly the public is for a playoff system in the NCAA. Sisk believes it will hurt college football and never happen. His main point is it won’t generate enough money but college basketball has proved that wrong. College football is popular because of the strong fan base and should listen to what they want. A playoff system will bring more excitement to the game and create a better product for the viewer.

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11coreya said...
Jan. 19, 2011 at 12:31 pm
The schools do not make money. they actually lose money. a lot of it. This year the texas longhorns football team set the record for most money ever made in a season, a year in which they do not go to a bowl game
phatfunkymonkey said...
Jan. 19, 2011 at 12:03 am
I agree. It's all about the money.
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