Sports: The Story Of My Life

January 13, 2011
I am the opposite of Scott Martin for this reason: I love sports! I’ve been active my whole life, I have tried anything from Karate to swimming you name it, and I’ve probably done it. Basketball, though has always been my favorite. I love the pressure, the expectations, the competition, the crowds, the constant drills, the lessons, the exercise and, more than anything making a great shot, move, play, or block. I’ve discovered that even though my face looks serious and determined, I'm happiest when I'm on the court. However, sometimes practice that’s from 7:45 to 9:00 can be a little overwhelming. Especially on the nights when I have a lot of school work. When I’m up until 11:00 trying to finish multiple assignments it make me so tired I wonder “How young do I have to be to die from old age?”

But if I didn't play sports I could get fat, then others would make fun of me. Even worse I could have diabetes, heart problems, and other serious complications. Basketball also gives me a purpose to not only be my best at basketball but to be my best in school and as a person as well. Because it helps build concentration, self- discipline, and determination.”Just as any kid must practice spelling, math problems, and any other skill, kids need to learn that being a part of a sports team requires the three ‘Ps”...practice, patience, and persistence”, says Lucile Filppu a writer from After all one of the greatest didn't give up when he was cut.

Enough about me for a minute, players who play professionally make a lot of money. Like LeBron James who signed a $90 million 7 year contract with Nike. Or my favorite player, Carmelo Anthony who signed a $80 million 5 year contract with the Nuggets. These players with many more inspire me everyday, because the only reason they got where they are now is because of hard work and dedication. Which make me want to work hard and be a team player. “A team will always appreciate a great individual if he’s willing to sacrifice for the group”, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

In practice I liked to be pushed to my limits, and sometimes I get my wish. There was one practice when we ran so hard the floor started to get wet. Well, not really but we were pretty close though! What I can’t even fathom from my point of view is how a person doesn't like basketball or sports in general. I mean who doesn't like a good game of ball right? When I play I love fast breaks, as I chase down my opponent I coil my muscles, like a pouncing tiger, I wait for the right moment then BAM! I swat the ball with all my might! Even if I get a foul I don’t care because it was worth it. So I will never stop playing basketball keeps me healthy, keeps me away from drugs and alcohol, and why would I stop when it makes me happy?
I can remember my first game. I was scared that the other players could see my legs shaking like a glass of water in an earthquake. Heart pumping, tensions rising, I took my first few dribbles before I was close to the defence. Coach Mike, a great play maker yelled out the play but no one listened. I guess I wasn't the only nervous one. After that game I was never nervous again. My love of the game has since prevented that.

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