Hunting is very important to Wyoming and it's people

December 3, 2010
By wyeric BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
wyeric BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
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Hunting is very important
to Wyoming and it's people.

Hunting helps control the population of the wild animals. Controlling the population of animals will help with the numbers of animals killed on highways. And in towns in peoples yards eating there lawns and ruining their gardens by eating them.

When I hunt, I hunt for two reasons. One is for food because it is cheaper to go hunt for our food than it is for us to go to the store and buy it. And you can pretty much turn the meat onto what ever you want if you know how. And I do it to spent time with my family and friends.

You can use hunting as barging rights also. Like if both you and your friend got a four point deer you can brag about it like if one is deeper or which one has a wider spreed or one is taller.

For my family hunting is a tradition. That has been passed down for generations and they always hunted for the same reasons as I do . They went to be with their family and friend's and to get food for their family's.

Hunting also helps you exercise. The way it helps you exercise is by if you want a big bull elk you will half to walk up one of the steepest mountains with the biggest and thickest trees that have no roads going up them. Because that is where the big bull elk like to go because now a days most people don't hunt the same way they used to. the way they hunt now is on 4 wheelers or in a truck. And when the elk are in those kind of trees they don't ever get seen so they don't get shot. Another way you exercise with hunting is if you go shoot an animal down a steep hill that has no road in the bottom and you will half to quarter the body to get back to the top of the hill.

Another thing that you will learn when you are hunting could be survival skills this could happen by. You are up on a mountain looking for an animal and it starts snowing so hard you cant see your way back down the hill and you have stuff to survive for a couple days so in stead of getting lost you can gust make a camp and wait for it to stop snowing and the you can go back. This has happened to my dad but he wasn’t so bad that he had to make a camp. He knew his way to get back down the hill and back to camp.

Hunting is also a good way to get out and enjoy nature. But some people will not agree with that a lot of people think that hunters go out and destroy nature. But the nature really get destroyed more in the summer when people go drive across big fields in their car or even more on their 4 wheeler.

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