Collage football playoffs

December 3, 2010
By sexybeastt BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
sexybeastt BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
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Are country needs to discover the real champion on the field. For years many teams across the country have bean cheated. They hade undefeated seasons but are not eligible for a national championship. Some of these teams include UTAH, TCU, Boise State, and BYU. Collage football needs a playoff system.
Small schools want to have a chance. If you don’t know only curtain teams are eligible
for the National Championship, they are BCS teams. The other teams are not eligible. Some of these schools go undefeated but have to settle with a bowl game, we never know who the best team really is. President Obama promised to create a playoff system, He Hasn’t Yet. As of right know a computer decides the rankings.
BCS fans Argue different. They say Bowl games are a tradition they don’t want to get red of them. Also, that it would make the season too long. Another thing they complain is that nobody cares if small schools win. I think they don’t want to get beat by “no name schools” as they call them. These teams are getting cheated its not fair to them.
As I said earlier teams are getting cheated. Some of these schools include UTAH, TCU, Boise State, and BYU. In fact before the BCS, BYU one the National Championship, the following years the BCS came. Know these teams have been cheated. Two years ago UTAH went undefeated bet only got the fiesta bowl. Last year TCU and Boise State went undefeated and met at a bowl game where Boise one. This year TCU and Boise are undefeated, some hope for a BCS buster others say that they will meet in the rose bowl.
One solution is the NCBT (National Champion Bowl Tournament). This is a 16-team playoff system that allows all teams to be able to play for the National championship. Its simple if your in the top 16 at the end of the year you get a chance to be in the champion ship, or if you have a record of 6-6 or better than you get a bowl game.
So do you think its fair? All the other collage sports have a play off system, so why doesn’t football? Lets discover who the true champion is on the field, not let a computer decide.

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