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December 2, 2010
By hammykid BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
hammykid BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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Baseball one of the most action sports out there and the best to watch. Baseball one of the most watched sports next to football and 3rd is soccer and basketball. Baseball gets paid more than soccer and basketball but, football and baseball are almost the same because they both get paid the same amount as each other baseball gets paid 12million and football gets paid about 11.5million.
In baseball people don’t get hurt as much as football or hockey but, it is still fun to watch. When the allstars come on almost everyone’s favorite player makes it and it becomes a really good game and gets intense to watch sometimes. The playoffs are the best to watch you see the amazing teams go off and play the other awesome teams. They have AL which is the American league and the NL the National league. When the World Series comes which is the finals the AL and the NL compete against each other to see who is the best and get the trophy. When the winner of the world series beats the team four times they are the winner and when the World Series is done the season is over and doesn’t start till April.

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Baseball is amazing

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