The Argument

December 2, 2010
Sports. Have you ever been in a situation where you would rather play sports or be with family? If I had to pick, I would pick family because if we didn’t have our family we wouldn’t be on this earth and we wouldn’t have support when we are down. The reason why I didn’t pick sports is just there to friends, get exercise, and have fun. Family is there to love us, take care of us, support us, and give us freedom and Privileges. Would you rather go to a good school for college with a scholarship away from family or an okay school with a scholarship near family?

Sports make us look good and feel good about ourselves but if you were playing sports away from home and family wouldn’t you feel bad. Colt McCoy just got married and because he plays football for the Cleveland Browns he can’t see his family and friends. Would you want to be that person? I mean yes he gets money for it but you wouldn’t see your family. I think it is fantastic to get a scholarship to a college from sports but you just have to have the passion.

Family supports us and cares for us. Sports are just there to give you something to do when your bored, make you fit, and to impress other people. I am happy that I play sports near my family so that they can come and see me play. I would like to get a scholarship from softball to the University of Texas! UT Baby!!!! But I would be away from home in Austin but my dad doesn’t care as long as I go to college at UT he is fine with me being away.

Family comes first then sports come second but some people don’t agree on that. I think that you need your family more than you need sports.

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