Yankees Sweep Twins in 2010 ALDS

November 12, 2010
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The New York Yankees swept the Minnesota Twins in a three-out-of-five game series in the ALDS (American League Division Series). (The Yankees have faced the Twins eight times in the last two postseasons, and the Twins have only won two of those eight games and the Yankees have won six). However, the Twins have not been a tough team for the Yankees to get by in the postseason.

In the first game of the series, the Yankees defeated the Twins with a score of six to four, and also managed to put up nine hits. The two major hits for the Yankees that broke the game open were Curtis Granderson’s two run triple, and Mark Teixiera’s two run homer to deep right field that put four runs on the board. Along with those two hits, Jorge Posada and Robinson Cano also put up one RBI single each. The Yankees’ defense was also flawless behind their pitchers, committing no errors. C.C. Sabathia pitched six full innings of four-run baseball and only gave up five hits, one home run, struck out five, and finished the game with an ERA of 4.50. Boone Logan and David Robertson came into the game to complete the seventh inning. Logan got the first two outs in the inning, and then Robertson completed the final out in the seventh with one walk and one strike out. Then Mariano Rivera came in for the four out save (1.1 innings). Rivera only gave up one hit to complete the Yankees first win in the series.

In the second game of the series, the Yankees went on to win the game five to two with twelve hits. Lance Berkman, who did not start in the first game of the series, had two major opposite field hits in the second game as the DH (Designated Hitter) for the Yankees. His first hit was a RBI double to the opposite field off of Carl Pavano, and then in the fifth, he had a solo home run to the opposite field that landed in the Twin’s bullpen. Some other Yankees that had hits were Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, and Mark Teixiera, and they also all went one four with RBIs to total the Yankees five runs. Andy Petite the starting pitcher for the Yankees in game two threw seven full innings, and gave up two runs, five hits, one home run, one walk, and struck out four with an ERA of 2.57. Then Kerrey Wood pitched one inning of no-run baseball with two strike outs. In the ninth, Mariano Rivera came into the game to complete the save for his second in the series. Rivera gave up one hit, and no runs. After the first two games, the Yankees have the series set at 2-0 over the Twins.
In game three the Yankees defeated the Twins with a score of six to one. An important hit for the Yankees was Markus Thames two run homer. The Yankees that helped put up the six runs were Jorge Posada who went one for four with one RBI, Nick Swisher who went two for three with one RBI, Mark Teixiera who went one for four with a RBI, and Brett Gardener also had a RBI to help total the six runs. Phil Hughes pitched seven full innings of no-run baseball, and let up four hits, one walk, and struck out six. Kerrey Wood, Boone Logan, and David Robertson all came into the game in the eighth to complete the three outs. In the ninth, Mariano Rivera completed the save giving up no runs, no walks, and no hits with one strike out.

The Yankees have swept the Minnesota Twins in a three out of five game series in the ALDS. Now the Yankees will travel to Arlington, Texas to face the Rangers in the ALCS (American League Championship Series) in a four-out-of-seven game series. The Rangers are a much tougher club than the Twins with their left hander’s Cliff Lee, and Josh Wilson. However the Yankees defeated Cliff Lee last year when he was with the Philadelphia Phillies to go on and win the World Series in 2009. Hopefully the Yankees will be able to repeat their success against the Rangers, and advance to the World Series this year in 2010.

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