Get Out And Play

June 3, 2010
Why do some kids think that they're not good at a sport? Every single kid is at least good at one sport. Sports are in our blood. There is no reason for someone not to be good at anything if they put their mind in it and practice, so why not try? Sports are the greatest thing ever invented. You receive the greatest adrenaline rush from them. Everyone needs to have an adrenaline rush every now and then. So get out their and try the thousands of sports invented all over the world from our ancestors. I think that the reason why people should play sports is because they get that sense of accomplishment that every person needs in life.

If you're not into our basic sports (Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Football, and Hockey) then try out Extreme Sports! These sports are pretty injury prone. They can be very dangerous. You don't have to be a team player to compete in extreme sports most of the time. People do them for the huge adrenaline rush they get while performing these stunts. Most of these people that perform these kind of sports are usually not into the basic sports. That just goes to show that some sports are just not for some people. So if you're interested in sports then you should go watch the X Games which is a highly popular show and event around the United States.

If you're not interested in actual sports where you don't have to exercise, then motor sports are also very fun. I love doing all of that stuff. Racing can give you an adrenaline rush also. Its also something that you don't necessary need to be competitive. You can ride on your own free time. The world for motocross entertainment has gained a lot of fans over the years. They're about around 30 to 80 thousand fans for racing motocross. Motor sports are one of the most popular thing to do in people's spare time. People just like to get out and ride, or race in youth race classes. So go and join the new world of motorized sports!

Basic Sports are mostly team sports unless you are not competing and playing them by yourself. These sports you have to be physically fit for. If you're a team player, then this is definitely your type of sports. Also basic sports can be played all around the year; football and soccer in the fall, basketball and hockey in the winter, and baseball in the spring. So if you're not popular then practice at a certain sport. These basic sports are a great way to make friends because everyone loves a winner. Team sports provide some role play benefits for people and it gives them some technique with team play and work place later on in life. Don't let anyone get you down. Like Vince Lombardi once said “It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up.”

Hunting is also a sport. More than a 100 million people hold a hunting license. Some people just can't shoot a poor defenseless animal. Well what is one of the things that is involved with hunting? A gun is the main thing. You don't necessarily go shoot an animal. You can enter shooting challenge or just go out and target practice. Thousands of people compete in gun competitions. They even have an olympic gun teams. So buy a gun and start practicing!

People might think that they're afraid of competition or maybe they just don't like to exercise. You might think that you're afraid of competition, but really you're just afraid of embarrassment. David Spinks says “I think we all have the competitive aspect in us. Some just refuse to admit it.” If you are afraid of embarrassment then you need to practice and try to overcome your fear. If you don't like to exercise then that may be a problem, but when you're having fun it never seems like your actually exercising. Exercise is also very good for you. Exercising builds self-confidence and self esteem and feels great according to Getting the right amount of exercise can boost up your energy level and help improve your mood according to as well. can list a 100 reasons why exercising is healthy and can be good for you. There is not just one reason why people do sports, they do them for tons of reasons.

The funnest way to exercise is sports. Some of the reasons are because sports provide some sense of accomplishment, it also helps people build a special skill and give them excitement. They can help with practice in real life situations with people and competition. I didn't just list all of these sports for you to keep sitting on your couch munching on chips. Just like Satchel Paige once said “Don't look back, something might be gaining on you.” I think that what he means by that was to not stop trying because if you do you might just loose abilities and gain weight. I listed them so you would go get off from your couch and try one. You won't regret trying them. If you fail at one don't just go and give up, go and try a different one. Start off slow and work your way into them. Don't just attempt the sport just like the professionals play. Practice at the sport before you go and sign up for the baseball team right off. Also don't just go out and not even know how to play the sport. Go online and do some research on some of the sports that you are interested in and learn how to play them. So go out and find a sport for you.

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Steve1234 said...
Mar. 26, 2012 at 9:29 pm
Brilliant!!! It was fairly long, but very persuasive. I believe that I might just "get out and play now" haha.
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