May 22, 2010
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Money Money : Salary Cap

Are you crazy? A salary cap on baseball? Since I was kid, matter of fact since my father was a kid the Yankees have been spending billions of dollars on players and by 2012 they will have over 100 championships. Who does the commissioner of baseball think he is, messing up the most popular pastime in American history. Its not the Yankees fault the other teams don’t have a rich owner. Maybe Bill Gates should buy one of those old poor franchises. They probably wont win a games anyway even with all that money. I guess now since there’s a salary cap they should legalize steroids!

A salary cap in baseball is not going to help these athletes stop raping women or from getting DUI’s. The NFL already has a salary cap and all there players are in jail or suspended for the rest of there life’s. so cutting down to a salary cap will make owners and players unhappy. If you have the money spend it.

This is a mess. Can we go back in time a few years? This is ridiculous. I never thought this would happen. Someone please wake me up from this dream or should I say nightmare!!!! Hello wake me up. Oh crap I guess its not a dream, what should I do now. Watch golf?

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