Minnesota Wild

May 13, 2010
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Meitinen on the break away no one near him he shoots he scores THE WILD WIN THE GAME!!! I don’t really have to say much more about how awesome the Minnesota wild is at hockey but I will tell you about the players the skills and the comebacks.

First the players some of the hardest working hockey players I have ever seen in my life. Take Boogaard for example he’s pretty much considered an oak tree. He’s huge I mean if you make him angry on the ice ill pray for you. You end up fighting him you might as well just quit because you don’t have a chance. He broke one guys jaw in a fight with a jab and the next year the guy wanted revenge so he came back and Boogaard broke his jaw again this time with an uppercut. Not to mention Meitinen, what a beast one he’s fast on the ice, two he can shoot like crazy and three he’s just awesome. When you have good players then you should probably should have some pretty good skills.

The skills of the Minnesota Wild are amazing. First is their offence there’s fast people on the team the shooters are great and the plays are nice. And the defense ha don’t even get me started its amazing I mean they could use a little help from the goalie but he’s still really good and the rest of the players are good too. Their tall fast they can get the puck, their tough and don’t stop till the end, and there strategies are sweet. The team is good at showing off on sweet plays when they are on breaks a ways and they go between the legs and shoot and then make it gives them permission to show off you know doing some dance moves or anything. And if you have good skills you might as well put them to use.

The comebacks are outstanding they can be down by 4 goals and come back faster the you can say dshjkdhfjkdhfkjdhf. I mean the strategy that they use is to fool you in to thinking that you are going to win the game until they show you what they are capable of doing and that can cause some pretty big damage. The games that are big comebacks make history for them. It makes a name for them selves.

So by now I’m sure you can tell that the Minnesota wild are really good maybe not the best but I’m sure that they could make their some day. So if you think that the Minnesota Wild sucks and will never make it all I can say is you fool what are you thinking, POW!!!

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