Is It Really Worth $183mil?

May 12, 2010
By mudcat23 BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
mudcat23 BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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So close! The Twins were so close to winning the 2009 world series but unfortunately they couldn’t hold on. Minnesota had a strong line-up and losing a few players could, in the future, really hurt the team. Leading off for the Twins was outfielder Denard Span, followed by Orlando Cabrera. In the three hole was Joe Mauer. Joe Mauer has been the heart and soul for the Twins ball club for quite a few years and has brought the team lots of success. After the 2010 season, Joe’s contract expired and he became a free agent. After many months of thought, Mauer made a deal. Minnesota fans were jumping off the walls when they had found out that Joe Mauer would be sticking around for another eight years. The incredible part of this deal is Joe’s salary. The Twins organization offered Joe $183 million dollars just to play in Minnesota for eight more years! Mauer was pleased with the offer and took them up on the deal. Joe has been a great ball player all of his life and has had some major success at the major league level. A lot of Twins fans like to pay the money to go and watch Mauer play. There is just one question that keeps lingering around from time to time. “Is it really worth $183 million?”

Joe Mauer has always been a tremendous ball player ever since he has been out of diapers. At the young age of four he was banned from playing tee ball because other parents were complaining that Joe hit the ball too hard. This didn’t stop Mauer’s passion for the game. He kept working harder and harder and eventually, it all paid off. In Mauer’s high school career he was All American for baseball and football. He was also All State for basketball and led his team to a 3rd place finish in the state tournament. The one thing about Joe that sticks out is his attitude and love for the game. Mauer is never boasting or bragging about how amazing he is. Instead, he puts in more effort to make himself even better. Overall Mauer is an outstanding ball player and it’s exciting to watch him smack the ball around.

A few years ago, the Minnesota Twins weren’t a very popular team, but in came Joe Mauer along with thousands and thousands of screaming fans. Mauer’s skills don’t only benefit the team but they also help out the whole Twins organization. Lots of people like to go to Twins games just to watch Joe Mauer play. With lots of people comes lots of money. The money is used in many different ways. First off, the majority of the money goes to pay for the new stadium, Target Field, which was built in the past year. The next portion of money goes to Joe Mauer, and the rest of the ball players. With the up rise of the Twins, a world series should not be far away. Thanks to Mauer he has brought the Twins a lot of success, and hopefully one of these years they can take home the pennant.

The big question that many Minnesota fans have been asking is, “Is it really worth $183 million for a baseball player?” The answer to that question is a big YES! Joe Mauer is a huge attribute to the twins ball club and without him; they wouldn’t have much success today. Mauer gives not only the Twins a good name but also the whole Major League Baseball Association. Joe Mauer is baseball and keeping him with the Twins is definitely worth all of the money.

Joe Mauer has impacted many people and many companies in many different ways. He has brought lots of success to the Twins and he is a huge role model to younger ball players. Mauer has proven his place in Minnesota and I believe that the Twins will be taking home the title sometime in the next eight years.

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