the Best sport

March 1, 2010
By Anonymous

I Believe water polo to be the best sport on earth.
The players that play water polo are very aggressive and have to be. A lot of things like kicking, punching, and scratching going on under the water, which the refs cannot do anything about because they can’t see it. Basically it’s a mix of a whole bunch of different sports; it has the aggressiveness of hockey but the technique of swimming. It is the most fun sport out there.
To play water polo you have to be very strong and fit otherwise you will just get wrecked and pushed around the whole time. I started playing polo in 4th grade, it was great and I’ve loved it ever since. If I didn’t do that I probably wouldn’t have chosen to play that sport and would have a totally different life.
I play the position called whole set where you sit in front of the net battling for position with the defender and wait until you can get open and shoot. I have also made a lot of friends playing this amazing sport like my two best friends both are on my team.
The school I go to is known for water polo we won 5 straight state championships, I have a great coach named Dave McWatters. He really knows he’s talking about. Want to coach water polo when I’m older and when I do I will model myself after him.
Water polo is the best sport ever!

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