Helmets, Arse Pads, Jerseys, and Jump shots!

February 11, 2010
Whether its jump shots or touch downs, it’s the same goal. To get the ball into the hole. Pig skin or leather. Helmets or head bands. We all end up getting hurt. But the question is who gets hurt more?

A dunce (probably you) would instantly say football. But think about it. Football players get helmets, mouth guard, shoulder pads, arse pads, knee pads, and soft grass to land on. Basically a security system that can be strapped onto every inch of your lanky body.

But what about basketball players?

All they get is a pep talk and an encouraging smack on the ass. I suppose your mesh jersey should be enough protection for your “manly” chest hairs. But that’s it. That’s all folks!

So now that my opinions and statistics have been mapped out, is football still your first choice? Is the journey to the goal more treacherous then the trek to the basket?

Think of Steve Nash. His nose is broken in like 15 different places! (Sarcasm people, I AM NOT a huge sports fan. Only for Allen Iverson.)

And speaking of Allen. Ladies do you really want that face to be scarred? Not bruised. Not cut. But scarred. As in, permanent damage.

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ĈōŔđĒĻļ said...
Feb. 16, 2010 at 10:07 am
hey in football the goal of the game is to tackle people in basketball if you hit somebody or mess with them its a foul
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