Civil vs. Pros

December 15, 2009
By dstyles23 BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
dstyles23 BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
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For many years I have been watching pro sports. Basketball, golf, football, and etc. I see all these college players spend one to four years in school, some even coming straight out of high school. I was told the more a person stays in school the more money they will receive. I used to be a fan of the glamour that these athletes bring. I saw all their fancy cars, bright jewelry, and beautiful women.
Watching sports I had wondered why athletes made so much. They play a simple sport. I call it simple due to the fact that they obviously have the ability to do this task that’s why they’re pros. My teacher had told me the reason they make so much money was because they have a unique talent of that sport. What I believe is that there are people outside of these professional athletes that can play just as well.
Colleges have been trying to keep students in school but some college pro-bound athletes are believed to not even attend class during the off season. I believe this is money wasted, that could be directed toward a future doctor or teacher. They’re are students in college that are studying their minds out to be a doctor or teacher paying their way through college while an athlete is sitting around on scholarship waiting to get paid millions.
Students may even take the route of skipping college as a whole and going pro. For an example LeBron James did not go to college at all, but at the age of 18 became a millionaire. He earned over 100 million dollars due to a NBA contract and many endorsements. Since LeBron they have changed the NBA rule stating that a student has to attend school for a year. In NFL the rule is two years in school. Other sports such as soccer and baseball take players young as sixteen.

These athletes do have unbelievable talent, but it’s talent that they are gifted with and practice for. I believe true talent knows how to teach a variety of students or people who that risk their lives to save another. Civil workers make no where near as much as a pro athlete. Personally I don’t think LeBron or Kobe can do open heart surgery. I believe athletes are idolized too much by the public eye. They’re doing something that another person can grow up and do. Civil workers continue to be laid off year after year while these athletes get paid more millions. I think we need to pay more attention to whom our real heroes are.

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