June 15, 2017
By WhoSawMe BRONZE, Wellesley, Massachusetts
WhoSawMe BRONZE, Wellesley, Massachusetts
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Hey, I’m (Insert alias here) and you might be surprised when I tell you this, but I am muslim. Wait… What? How are you not a terrorist. Well I’m not, and what bothers me is that everyone thinks that all muslims are terrorists. Gosh darnit Trump. The religion of Islam is a peaceful religion. We are taught not to harm others and not to conflict problems upon others. This makes us peaceful. What some don’t understand is, If islam is such a peaceful religion, then why are all the terrorists in the news claiming to be muslim. Well, think of it like saying you are Jewish but going to church every Sunday. See? It doesn’t make any sense. Now if you are a Jew who goes to church there is no shame on you, but let us define the word religion. The definition of religion is: The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods. Let’s dissect this for a minute. All religions believe in different gods, right? The answer is yes, but we often don’t think about that type of thing. Well that is part of the problem. We don’t allow ourselves to be comfortable in situations where we speak about other people’s religions. But why is that? I’ll tell you why. We are uncomfortable because we don’t want to offend anyone. This is because we don’t know much about other religions. We don’t know enough to even think about judging people’s religions. And even if we did we shouldn’t be doing such things. Now let me get back to the point. My point is that to be apart of a religion you have to believe in a god, but not only that. You have to believe in his/her/their/its teachings. Now I know that different people who decide to follow religions to different extents but just know that those people aren’t the ones causing the problem. They are the ones who take it to the extreme who are the troublemakers. God’s teachings aren’t meant to be complicated, but people tend to over complicate them. If you haven’t figured it out already I am a muslim…  but don’t get scared. (Insert laughing emoji here) And as a muslim I learn this religion through the holy book: The Quran. Similar to the bible, in this book there are many stories and teachings that God has passed down to the prophets. The Quran is split up into suras. In each sura there are countless ayat. An aya is a line in the Quran. Let me give you a perfect example of an aya. It reads:

I do not serve that which you serve,
Nor do you serve Him Whom I serve:
Nor am I going to serve that which you serve,
Nor are you going to serve Him Whom I serve:
You shall have your religion and I shall have my religion.

This is a great example of what religion should be. It should be something that shouldn’t be forced upon you, and it shouldn’t be something you have to force upon others. This is what ISIS and all the other Islamic Terrorist groups don’t understand. They are trying to force their religion onto others and they try to make muslims seem evil, but we are not. They don’t understand that people’s religions are their own, and that your own religion shouldn’t interfere with mine, and mine should not interfere with yours. It is the peace of life. This is the peace that we must try to keep in order to coexist with one another. I leave you with this last aya that states: It is not the eyes that are blind, it is our hearts.
From, (Insert alias here)

The author's comments:

What inspired me were the news stations in america. They always portrait muslims as being violent, and wanted to reveal the truth.

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