"why have you all forgotten Me?" Saith the Lord

July 18, 2016
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Why have we forgotten God? You have forgotten to pray to him and seek his face. God is saying “you all are my children whether it be in Christ or not” why must you wait till in adult to become serious with Christianity, become Christian now, become Christian today. God knows all that you have suffered from and he knows what you are dealing with, but he is waiting for you to get on your knees and pray to him. God says “I am always with you, even until you die. I sit and cry for you because I can help you but first you must seek me, seek my face, call for my name and I will be there. Don’t forget what I did in Egypt to my people, some were not even Christians until they saw that I had sent Moses to go and get them. I hear all your problems and I hear all the things that you cry for. I’m waiting for you to believe in me and do things of which I have told you to do in my word. Keep praying and fast, do not forget what My son did” When will you realize that the people of God is always answered, but it’s always the ones that keep having faith and keep having hope for him to fix their problems and help and give them what they need. What you are going through is not meant to be in vain, but it’s the calling of God in another form.

Pray every day and have faith that he will do what you have asked. Pray with meaning. Read the Bible every day. Change the way you praise God, go to church as often there is services to go to. Watch it happen!

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