Life After Death

January 15, 2014
By Conner Beth Ball BRONZE, Madison, Mississippi
Conner Beth Ball BRONZE, Madison, Mississippi
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So lately in my World History class, we have been talking about each others beliefs of what happens when we die. There is one guy in particular, his name is Sahil. He is an Indian who moved here in fourth grade. He speaks fluent English now, but didn’t use to. I’ve only heard him say a few words, but when he does they are powerful and makes you want to further listen.

Well anyways, when the question was plainly stated “What do you believe happens after death?” I raised my hand. I said

“I believe that Jesus Crist died for my sins and came to save me on the cross. That he died and went to heaven for me and if I believe in him one day I will be able to enter the pearly gates of heavens door.” It was the answer that I’ve been told for 15 years.

Then out of nowhere Sahil stood up and said, “I believe that when we die you will be judge on your actions and if you are a good / nice person you will be reincarnated into an upper class in the Caste System. But, if you have been a murderer or a bad, bad, bad person that you will be reincarnated into an animal.”

Once everyone in the class heard this, we were all shocked. Not necessarily at the fact of what he said, but that he said it with such pride and knowledgeability. It makes me take a step back and evaluate the people I surround myself with. I knew that he wasn’t a Christian but I did not think he would come right out and say it. The whole subject to me is very intriguing. I would love to really get to know people and what they belief is right, because you may feel like you truly know them when you really don’t. Sahil is a great person, the smartest kid in all my classes, and has a great personality. Does the fact that his beliefs aren’t the same as mine affect our friendship? NO! I will continue to be friends with him and support his world view, even if it isn’t similar to mine.

I would love to hear peoples personal experiences/beliefs about this subject if you would be willing to share!!!

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A personal experience with a hope for more...

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