When You Stop Looking, You Find.

January 11, 2014
By lek17 BRONZE, State College, Pennsylvania
lek17 BRONZE, State College, Pennsylvania
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I recently started to watch the television show, Lost. This series ended a few years ago, but it has multiple intriguing plots and characters that are timeless. One character, whose name is John Locke tends to be the most calm and reasonable one of the stranded crash survivors on the mysterious island. Locke is a faithful and hopeful guy, who greatly believes in destiny. He tends to impart his advice and ideas on the others as they come to him, seeking guidance while they are lost. In one instance, a woman named Sun came to him because she was feeling frustrated about losing her wedding ring somewhere on the island. Locke informs her that he does not drain his emotions by getting angry anymore. He goes on to explain that he used to get angry quite often. He adds that he was angry only because he was lost. Once he stopped looking, he was able to find himself. I believe that this small piece of advice holds so much truth about the human spirit. We are always searching for reasons and a purpose in life. We almost get so caught up looking; we miss the opportunity to see when we look. We worry too much, primarily about the future, but also debating the past. I am certainly guilty of this. I feel that almost all of my thoughts are reviewing what has happened and preparing myself for what will happen. I absolutely agree with Locke’s theology. We lose ourselves in the world around us as it moves so quickly. Knowing who we are and what purpose we have in the world is one of the hardest things to discover. We simply need to stop looking so we find ourselves again. Also, this works for about anything else you may have lost. If you stop searching, it’ll turn up. Sun’s wedding ring did.

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