Atheism: Who We Really Are

October 2, 2013
By BrandonT GOLD, West Newton, Pennsylvania
BrandonT GOLD, West Newton, Pennsylvania
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Hello, I would like to start out by saying I am not writing this to offend anyone, but to educate people on Atheism. I have been told that, being an Atheist, I am:
-mad at god
-so on so forth
All of these can be farther from the truth. First I will start of by using the example I tell everyone when they say I'm immoral or that life is not precious to me. For Atheists life has a deeper and more precious meaning then any religion or spiritual path can produce. For us everything evolved, there was no "creation" and there is no god, life just appeared by coincidence. Everything that is, all the conditions for life, happened on accident with nothing controlling them. What can be a better meaning to life then everything happened by chance or that us being here is not a "privilege" or a "right", but something that we got by coincidence. We see life as more precious because we only have this one life to live and that is all. Sometimes, after telling people that, they go on to say I am hateful. How am I hateful for criticizing someone for something they choose, religion, when they go and be hateful towards people for things they cannot choose, sexuality, gender, and race. Also, what reason do I have to be hateful when I don't have a book or "supreme deity" tell me who to hate and what to do. That also takes me onto another thing people tell me, "You are blind, stupid, and confused." Again how is it that I am "blind" or "stupid" when I have the freedom to think and act, to a certain extent, as I please without someone telling me what is right or wrong? Why does one need a religion to tell them what is right and what is wrong? so, my friends, I ask you to comment and tell me what you think of my article and be respectful for I have been.

The author's comments:
People need to see where we(Atheists) are coming from to promote understanding and respect among both religious and non-religious people.

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EscapeRope said...
on Apr. 12 2015 at 11:10 pm
EscapeRope, Cavite, Other
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I disagree with the part where you put how such things are for atheists. The only thing that defines us all is that we all disbelief in the existence of god/s. NOTHING ELSE. Atheist =/= scientist. Being an atheist doesn't automatically means believing in evolution or the Big Bang. There are atheists who don't care whether we evolved or we are here by accident. They just simply don't believe in the existence of god/s. It's just the only exact definition of being an atheist.

jessica said...
on Oct. 17 2013 at 11:15 am
i loved this! although i disagree with your ideas about how the world came to be i dont see it as a coinicidence(well i do) but not something that all just happend one day(which is ironic because thats what theists think). but thank you for your article                           much love


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