Freedom of Religion ?

July 11, 2013
In America we have freedom of religion. That means everyone in the world has this same right. Unfortunately, that is not the case. In some countries it is against the law to openly worship God. According to christianfreedom, “ there are over fifty countries that persecute Christians”. Some non-Christians say that it is okay to have a law against being a Christian, but it is inhumane to rob people of their beliefs and freedoms.

They may say it is okay to treat Christians this way because they themselves are not Christians. What they do not know is that, they are saying it is okay for the government to take away their rights. By allowing the government to take away their freedom of religion, it may not be just freedom. Tomorrow it could be people who are educated or as simple as freedom of speech. By agreeing to the persecution of Christian, they are also agreeing to people living in fear everyday that they might be caught “owning a Bible and being put into harsh labor camps,jail, or be publicly executed” (Karlson).

This is not only happening in one country; many countries do this to Christians.

For example, in Uzbekistan Christians are being fined for illegal religious activities. These fines are way beyond a typical monthly wage. Churches in Baghdad are getting bombed. “In Yemen, those who convert to Christianity face persecution from family, authorities and extremist groups”(Karlson). Many Christians are killed in front of their children in Somalia. A person can be banned from Saudi Arabia just for worshiping God in public. “Many people went into hiding in Afghanistan and Christians from Iran get severe harassment from the government” (Karlson).

These countries are still living the way most countries lived thousands of years ago. They are not progressing with other countries in freedom of religion. Those countries need to catch up with the 21st century and change their views. Everyone should have the freedom to practice any kind of religion they believe in.

People of foreign countries that persecute Christians are simply afraid of change and fear that the growing number of Christians will one day become the majority and change their culture. It should not matter what religion is the majority of a country. People should have freedom of religion no matter what country they live in.
Their small mindedness will one day be held accountable for atrocities toward Christians. If no in this life, then the next.

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