July 4, 2013
Faith is a curious thing. I think we must have faith in something, in someone, or there would be no reason for living. I do not have faith in any religious figure, as I am not a religious person, but I know I must have that belief, that hope in something, or I don’t think I would be able to get up every morning.
What do you have faith in? God? Your family? A loved one? Perhaps a place?
Faith is not always kind, sometimes it lets you down, sometimes it hurts, but it is beautiful. It is love and hope and belief and trust. Someone’s faith can give them strength, or destroy them, or make them a better person, or simply make them more foolish.
I suppose I have faith that the dawn can bring something better, something good.
Hold onto your faith, no matter what it may be in, through the storm. It is more precious than we can imagine.

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