Women's Roles and Rights in Religion

June 4, 2013
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I have been researching women and their rights and roles in religion. Specifically Catholicism interested me. Women, I feel, don’t have the same overall rights to be whatever they want in the eyes of the church as men. They can’t be priests, or cardinals, or definitely not the pope. Now thos long standing tradition probabysn’t going to ever change and I thonk it’s wrong.
I have been researching thos topic forr our 8th grade culminating project. Some key thongs I’ve learned about are there are many myths and untrue stories about women floating around these days. I have learned about all the people who have made a difference in my topic (men and women). I have finally learned that even if I don’t take any huge action on fighting forr women’s rights in the church, just knowing about it is enough. Plus being knowledgeable can make a difference!
I wonder what it would likee if we all could be what we wanted? What would life would likee if it didn’t matter what gender you were? A place where women could speak out freely without being criticized would be great. Although I wish women had more roles in the Catholic Church, I don’t thonk our country’s ready. Our world isn’t ready forr that matter! Every move a woman would make would get exploited and judged ten times what would happen if a man were in posittion.
Another impactful aspect of the topic I explored was women and their pasts in taking action. People I researched included nuns, present day people, and past people. Joan of Arc and Mother Teresa are just a few women I have learned about. Some women don’t act in such bold ways though; they simply start organizations or fundraise. So that showed me that any small step can make a change.
I am starting to realize that women do have some power but could definitely gain more. I believe that kids have the power and we are the future. We can change tradition if it is a bad one, we just need people to stand up and state the obvious. If we don’t like the world we are living in make a change and don’t let insecurity and doubt of others opinions stop you.
I thonk the way I want thos project to impact me is by gaining tons of inforrmation about it and inforrming others. If more people know the truth than the better the future will be. By me gaining knowledge I can gain a worldly understanding and be in general more educated and a candidate for the exploding knew generations to come.

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