Christianity Persecution

April 22, 2013
By DustinLett BRONZE, Coaling, Alabama
DustinLett BRONZE, Coaling, Alabama
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Christianity Persecution
Pakistani Christian, Sawan Masih, was accused of insulting the Prophet Muhammed and was quickly arrested. A mass mob of 3000 Muslims wanted the police to hand Masih over to them. The mob vandalized two churches, attacked a poor Christian neighborhood, called Joseph Colony, and burned 180 houses making Christians flee in fear.

According to the article “ About 100 million Christians Persecuted around the world,” Christianity is the largest growing faith with 2.2 billion followers or 32 percent of the world’s population. In the future, Christians risk further persecution and oppression because of the rising number of Christians being more open to share their faith and also the rise in number of people being converted to Christianity. Between the years of 1917 and 1980, about 15,000,000 Christians were killed in Soviet regime prison camps. People began smuggling Bibles into Communists states in the 1950’s and the open door policy now works in more than 60 countries. Today over 65 countries have Christians that are currently being persecuted.
I want to see Christianity persecution done away with because I don’t feel that it is right for Christians to be killed for the religion they believe in. Also, I think it’s wrong because even though someone is practicing another religion, it isn’t hurting someone who believes in another religion. I feel that the government should enforce a law that allows people to practice any religion they want to without having to face persecution. I don’t understand why Christianity gets hit hard with persecutions but other religions don’t get messed with as much? This is why I want them to make a change because it isn’t fair to Christians.
Muslims also face racial profiling in America too, like Christians face in other countries. Racial profiling is wrong against any religion. People shouldn’t be able to kill or torture people whether they are Christian, Muslim or any other religion. The law should be set to where anyone can practice any religion anytime, anywhere.

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Esquire said...
on May. 7 2013 at 7:45 pm
I hope you realize that it is really hard to be persecuted when you are the majority. You are not beig persecuted when the government does not espose your viewpoint, or people loudly disagree with your opinion.


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