Justice and Mercy

March 31, 2013
The problem with the statement “justice and mercy” is that the two cannot co-exist in the same situation. The term justice, and the act of distributing it, is giving to a person what they deserve. This can be taken as a positive or negative thing, because what you deserve can be both good or bad. Mercy is overruling the verdict that justice calls for. Mercy is receiving not what you deserve, but something better. Although justice can be a good or bad thing, mercy is usually lessening the punishment that justice calls for, and is not applicable to a reward.

This is what makes God’s gift of sacrifice so valuable to us. We because of our sin, deserve death, according to justice, but because of mercy that God also possesses, he gave a gift to us in the form of Jesus’ sacrifice. All we have to do is reach out and take it.

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