Issue- Teens Going to Church

March 19, 2013
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Do your parents force you to go to Church on Sunday? How many times have you gone to Church because you have wanted to? If parents don’t force children and teens to go to Church, most teens won’t go. Parents nowadays aren’t enforcing their children to go and that is why the Catholic Church is loosing so many people. A large majority of teens think of Church as either a weekly chore.

For most people, including teens, if their parents don’t enforce going to Church then they won’t go. If teenagers actually knew what happened during the Holy Mass, then you would see a larger majority of younger parishioner faces. If teens truly knew the miracle of the Holy Mass, then I bet they would actually be interested in Mass. They would probably have a different opinion on Mass. What if they knew that all of their prayers and petitions were answered during Mass? Jesus and each one of our guardian angels are with us during the gracious gift of Mass. When we offer up our troubles, worries, and sorrows, our guardian angels bestow them on to God’s altar and give them to Him for His table. If only more teenagers knew that all the stress and pressure that they’re under could just be gone by doing a solitary thing. If their stress, whatever is was school, sports, jobs, college, or music would just be literally elevated off their shoulders. The only catch would be for them to just pray and give it up to God.

One of my favorite quotes is “Give It up To God.” This demonstrates God’s love, power, and wisdom for us. It portrays His love that He would let Him take care of our worries. It reveals His power and strength that He can handle all that stress and pressure. Wisdom, which is often hard to see, is valuable, because He wants us to offer up our hard times, because only He knows what we will get out of it or how it will be resolved. This has been one aspect of my faith that I have struggled with. How can we just bring everything to His altar and just leave it there? It is very challenging, but even if you attempt to give it to God He will see it and reward you. I’ve realized if you give your worries up and offer it up, your life will feel life you have a big weight lifted off of you! Why live your life full of stress and worry? If you live your life and don’t have a worry, because you know God will take care of you, it may be hard, but your life in Heaven will be great.

Romans 8:31 says “What then shall we say about these things? If God is for us, then who can be against us?” This also imitates the importance of leaving our worries in God’s hands. I pray that teens would read the Bible more, because it’s like God is directly answering your prayers. How awesome is it to get a direct answer to your prayer. Some people don’t think that God hasn’t answered their prayers, because they haven’t gotten instant gratification. Why are they complaining if they aren’t even trying to listen even better yet, the Bible is waiting to be opened. The Bible is hard to interpret but if you apply it to your own life, it’s like God is actually talking to you. So teenagers, read the Bible, pray, give your worries up to God, and trust Him. It does sound like a lot, but I promise that your reward in eternal life will be great!

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