I Believe In: Unity

February 3, 2013
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To me God isn’t real. To me there is no point in sacrifices, rituals, and prayers. To me there is nothing to believe in except yourself.

Let me explain, when you pray for something, you use all your will power to make your prayer fruitful. If you achieve what you pray for it is not because of god it’s because of your own effort and determination.

To me there is no point in religion or religious deities. If the point of a religion is the creation of a god but if God isn’t real then what is religion? Is religion a doctrine of life, a way for the human race to make sense of a world that is often unnecessarily cruel and selfish?

What makes someone a God? Do they need to walk on water? Kill powerful beasts? Perform miracles? If we consider God to be someone who can do extraordinary things then could all the geniuses of the world be considered Gods? To me religion is a house of cards built on a shaky foundation that there is something or someone who decides our fate and if we pray and make him happy he will shower us with blessings.

I once heard the phrase “your soul is the whole world”. In Hindu philosophy the soul is everything, it is all your experiences, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. And each of our souls is part of the universal soul or what some people like to call God. So if we all have a piece of God in us, could we all create a religion? No, because having a connection to a universal soul is a spiritual feeling something that comes from deep inside you, whereas most religions are rules and rituals proposed by someone and adopted by a group of people as a way of life. Religions may have started as spiritual wisdom but they inevitably turn into rule books and in many ways imprison your soul.

Despite my skepticism of religion I do believe in a spiritual presence. I believe in a force, an energy, an essence if you will, that binds us all together.

The feeling we get when everyone bands together can be as spiritual as it’s emotional. Because when we go out of our way to help and encourage each other we unite everyone together in this undefined power of kindness and togetherness. The feeling people experience when rallying together can be equated to, (in my mind) the feeling you get when you visit “god” at church, temple, mosque, or in meditation/prayer. It is a feeling of calm and rightfulness, a feeling that everyone and everything is where it should be. To me, that is what we should believe in, not “god” but in the idea of togetherness, and kindness. For without either of these principles, the world would have never advanced and we would have destroyed each other long ago and made the earth a selfish, self-centered barren landscape.

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