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January 18, 2013
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I believe religion tears people apart. Since the beginning of time, people fought. But why do we fight? Is it because we claim ownership over land or items? Or is it something more “Meaningful?”

I used to fight over my religion. I was born and raised a Muslim and used to live by my religion. I used to look down on other religions because they looked down on me. But I was wrong.

In seventh grade, I felt differently for the first time. People would make fun of me for the soul fact that I was a Muslim. I began to dislike other religions. I became very close minded and couldn’t be brought out of it. I was separated.

It wasn’t until the ninth grade when I opened my mind to every single religion. People started to teach me more about what they believed, and I actually listened. I started to see that people acted differently the more they believed in religion. To me this is all that really mattered. I did not care what kind of person you were. Faith in anything was all that mattered to me at this point. But something seemed to be missing.

The summer going into eleventh grade, I wondered “why are we separated as human beings.” Even though we all look different, we are still the same species. So why do we fight so much? The stronger people believe in their religion, the more likely they will act upon disbelief. Whether it is belief in God or even something so small like what football team is the best, people will always fight for what they believe.

I have noticed more and more each day that people are brought apart by beliefs, especially religion. Although we are supposed to fight to survive as a species, we are fighting to make our religion the greatest. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter anymore. People should care for one another for being humans, not because they share a similar trait. From this, I have learned to care for people for the way they are, not the way they worship. This I Believe

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