Freedom to Believe

October 31, 2012
This is a subject that not a lot of people like to talk about. It is very... touchy. People don't want to talk about religion because they are either trying to be forced into it or they are being told how their religion is wrong.
Shouldn't their be some sort of rule where we are free to believe what we want to believe?
For a long time a kid in my school would torture me.
"Why don't you believe in God?" "It isn't normal not to have a religion." "Why aren't you a Christian?"
I would get very upset. I would lash out on him and get angry. Why does it matter to him? I'm not pestering him! I'm not asking why he believes or telling him stupid stories about how it isnt true. I leave him alone because I like that he believes in it. I think everyone should have something to believe in. But i don't necessarily think that we should all believe in the same thing.
It seems like... if we just left well enough alone... if we let people believe what they wanted to... we wouldn't be at war so often. We wouldnt have a lot of the problems we have now.
I can understand if the person believes in sacrifices and killing people for the god i guess. But why does everyone have to have the same religion???

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