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October 14, 2012
By emdurv2016 BRONZE, North Scituate, Rhode Island
emdurv2016 BRONZE, North Scituate, Rhode Island
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This I Believe:
Faith is a radio. Faith- putting all your trust in God - is a beautiful gift. I believe that faith is a radio, because it describes every person’s faith and you can fall into any one of the categories or “stations”. Faith is like a radio, because anything we do to a radio, we can do to our faith. We can surf, change, turn up, turn down, or get static on our faith radio and real radio! How strange, did you ever think that your faith was like a radio? You use your radio everyday whether you see it or not.

When we turn up our faith-filled-Jesus streaming radio , we have such strong faith in God. We have such high exuberance in Him. Turning up our radio is when we couldn’t be any stronger in our faith. The opposite of happily turning up our radio is sadly turning it down. Turning down our radio is completely disengaging from God, when you can feel his presence, but you don’t want to listen to Him. This happens when we both tune out our conscience trying to tell us something, but disregard, neglect, and reject to listen to Him. Changing the station is what we do when we can’t see God in our lives. We search and search, changing and changing the stations, but we aren’t quite satisfied until we find a good station. Even then, you could not be completely satisfied because you might continue to flip through other stations to find what you are looking for. The human heart is restless until we rest in God, which is why we are never satisfied in flipping stations until we find God’s station. The reason that we “change the station” in our faith is because we can’t feel God and we want to find him and know his ways. This could be defined as the “struggle” in our faith, because we don’t know what God intends for us. Other times when we turn it on the station is blasting! It is so loud it could blow your eardrums out! This is my favorite radio station, because this is when God comes into our lives unexpectedly- when we need Him the most and least expect it. The hardest station is when you have to turn on the radio. Turning on your radio is hard, because you have to want to know, feel, and love God’s holy presence. Who wants a static and foggy radio anyway? You have to readjust your faith if it is foggy just like a radio. You have to thank God for all He has done for you; He loves you every second of every day. You have to love him back and thank him for His unconditional love. When you do that, you will feel His merciful presence and your station will be loud and clear!
“So shines a good deed in a weary world” I also believe that this quotation by Willy Wonka describes our radio. When our radio is the loudest, is when we follow in Jesus’ footsteps and perform good deeds like Him. In our world today, it is hard to see the good that people do rather than the bad, but if we blast our radio for all to hear then good will be seen. Let God into your life and blast your radio for all to hear. God will work his power, love, and mercy through you whether you see it or not. So my friends, let God work his magic, turn your radios up, and expect miracles !

The author's comments:
I hope this analogy of faith helps people to see that with God all things are possible!

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