What do you want?

September 5, 2012
By Anonymous

I want a religion that doesn't focus on proving others wrong. One that doesn't battle with other forms or believers. One that has enough belief in its own foundation that it need not tear down others. I want the Pentecostals to respect the Muslims and Catholics to acknowledge Methodists. I want a church that allows everyone its doors--homosexuals, criminals, atheists--because those that the church denies might be the ones that need the most support, the most guidance. I want fighting between religions to be a thing of the past. Are religions not supposed to support peace, kindness and acceptance? I want those characteristics to be prevalent in the church, in the Mosque, in the temple. I don't want everyone to think that they're incorrect in their beliefs; I want the opposite. I want all believers of all kinds to be so sure in what they are choosing to devote their lives to that love flows out of them, not hatred. I want religions to exemplify, not convert. I want a heaven when I pass away and a heaven while I'm here.

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by Zoe Leonard's piece on "I want a president..." I urge everyone to try this out. So I ask, what do you want?

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