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August 30, 2012
By Esther Funez BRONZE, Stockton, California
Esther Funez BRONZE, Stockton, California
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Social networks? yes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all those communicating sites. Lately, they’ve become more than a communicating site I feel like they’ve become an open diary. When we are upset, lonely, tired, and speechless. It’s easy to open up a site, and post how we feel, and making someone feel even worse. When we are upset at someone we post how awful they are, and people just start to comment telling you, “That is so right,” ”You go girl speak your mind,” but sometimes these people are wrong. They don’t know the others side of the story. Another thing would be, posting how happy you are that you broke up with someone. All of a sudden everyone is just like, ”WOHOO! we get our normal person back,” or even ”Give me your digits so I can hit you up.” I ask myself is this really the respect you want others to give you? Lonely people just start to point out how sad they feel and how they want a partner. I understand the lonely feeling but do people need to know? Do they need to make fun of you? Have you ever thought about sitting and analyzing what you might post? How it can hurt someone? How others think of you? Try letting God know how you feel? Even though, he already knows your heart and how you feel but he might want to hear it from you. My advice to those who talk bad about someone through a post: next time you might want to humble yourself, and not post whatever you had in mind. Give it a break. Those who are brokenhearted or lonely I think you might want to know the love of Jesus and than tell me do you feel lonely? Lastly, Who’s words do you want to hear? Gods or the world?

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