Sympathy for the Misunderstood

August 1, 2012
By Kidu14 SILVER, San Diego, California
Kidu14 SILVER, San Diego, California
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How was the Earth created in a mere seven days? How can man be descended from apes? Where in the bible does it account for the dinosaurs we find today? All of these are questions that arise when debates between Evolutionists and Traditionalists arise. All of these questions can be answered by understanding the writing of the book of Genesis rather than its content.

Let’s step into the shoes of a man named Moses. He is an incredible man in both will power and leadership but especially because God is using him to convey his message to his chosen people. Moses’ first job is to convey the beginning of the universe to the equivalent of a peasant. As one should be able to imagine, this must be extremely difficult considering all of the images Moses must have seen during his revelations from the big bang to the formation of the earth and so on. In my opinion, that is exactly what he must have seen, however, how can Moses find enough words to describe events that no one can see and who are not versed at all in the common knowledge we have today? The answer is that it is impossible so Moses then devises a way to explain it all. He starts by breaking up the events into days, something any human being can understand. Human beings understand that they work during the day and stop working at night. This would then explain how incredible things would happen, such as the earth forming, and how there would be a lull until the next major event occurs such as the start of life. Moses also probably realized that no human being could take him or God seriously if he babbled about huge ferocious beasts that roamed the Earth before mankind did, therefore, he must have left that part out. To explain the sudden stream of consciousness that ran into the evolved apes he used human beings so that the peasants could comprehend what he was saying. A peasant would not have known that our DNA is 99% similar to a monkey’s. Which would lead to the ironic conclusion that both sides are taking the bible too seriously.

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