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July 15, 2012
By Anonymous

I know all too well coming from a small town in the southern US that being anything less than a straight laced, church every Sunday, and heterosexual, you are deemed tainted and will be sent to hell but I just can't believe that "God" would just turn away his own "children" like that. What makes us so different from Homosexuals or Bisexuals? I have a best friend who is sickened with the thought of being with a man. She became homosexual because she was traumatized by a man who was 25 when she was only 13. She is as Christian as they come but she knows "God" won't turn her away and send her to hell just for being homosexual. So why is that the only reason people come up with to say that homosexuality is wrong? She was victimized and raped. What makes her different from people who view heterosexuality as the only right way to live is that she has seen into the face of this "so great" thing and she has backed away in fear. So I'm sorry if this offends anyone but other "Religious" people who condemn people like her are the worst sinners of all, by playing "God".

The author's comments:
I wrote this because I'm sick of people not being treated fairly when they are in love. My best friend was suffering because people constantly harass her because of who she loves. I hope when you read this that you can learn to think before you preach about what's right or wrong.

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