God's Miracles

June 21, 2012
By LivyNewhall DIAMOND, Palm Coast, Florida
LivyNewhall DIAMOND, Palm Coast, Florida
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"Be the change that you want to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi

I believe in God. He has saved my cousin, and my brother, and also me. I believe that people die, for a reason. I believe that people die because God needs them for greater things. I believe that certain people live long lives because God has placed them on Earth for a reason. So, I guess what I'm saying is that I believe very much in the saying, "everything happens for a reason". About 3-4 years ago, I was horseback riding, and the horse got scared. She went up and I went down. I fell to the ground breaking my left arm. God saved me, because the horse picked up all fours and moved over to the side so that she didn't crush me because I had landed underneath of her. She skimmed the top of my helmet with her hoof. It was a miracle. My cousin Brent has Cystic Fibrosis. He is ends up staying in hospitals for long periods of time. He had to have his colon removed, and he died on the operating table. He was brought back to life. God saved him, with his miracles. My brother was driving home, and a car swerved into his lane. He swerved to miss the car, and ended up rolling his van. He got a few cuts on his head and face, but survived. His van was totaled. God saved my brothers life! It was a miracle. Last year a my dad and a friend of his were cutting down a very large tree because it was rotted. The tree fell the wrong way and was supposed to crush my dads friend, and my dad. The tree spun itself and fell in the other direction. Again, another miracle. God has saved my family time, and time again. When he didn't, I believe he was using them for the greater good. If I'm to die young, I hope for everyone to remember that I'm being taken, for the greater good.

The author's comments:
I believe very much in God, and his miracles.

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