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June 18, 2012
By Christian.A.Piper-777 PLATINUM, Decatur, Michigan
Christian.A.Piper-777 PLATINUM, Decatur, Michigan
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i got pounded by thoughts and questions to myself last night. i dont know why i must torture myself. sometimes i have thought that dont feel like mine, idk. if we weren't here. if this world and every living being went here. what would be. if there is no end then what is there, only a beginning? is there a reason our earth hangs in nothing and the only planet we know that has life and somehow we had to be in perfect balance where everything works so nicely in this f***ed up world. if we were made in gods image, wouldn't w be gods our self's in a way? i know i should have faith but there is so many gods out there and what seems like bs to me is not to them, i just grew up in a position where its most relevant. if you had no grounds to stand on where would you be. why made nothing

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i think to much

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on Jun. 26 2012 at 9:26 pm

No worries, I do too. One of the terrible side effects of sociopath-ism & lazy procrastination. :L

I've questioned my 'faith' and the world in general, including evil & good. There's no black and white, everything- or at least to me- seems gray these days.

But it's a lot to think about, right? I just try to stay busy, and per-occupied, so I don't have to think about those things. 


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