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May 12, 2012
By Cicichildress GOLD, Bono, Arkansas
Cicichildress GOLD, Bono, Arkansas
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Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift thats why its called the present.

Well you know, I'm still a teenager and I feel like I have the wisdom of a elder. My like hasn't been easy and I'm starting to gain my own rock and foundation on which to stand on. I was saved and baptized september of 2011 and my life has done a 180. But even now I'm beginning to see even more changes that have happened in the past few weeks. I realize that I can simply breathe. I used to think life was so hard and I was the biggest worrier. I never thought I was beautiful or pretty. Now I know that God has created my with his own hands and those are the same hands he created Taylor Swift, or Miss America with. I am beautiful because God cannot make ugly. Humans can corrupt God's creation and make them horrible but the Lord is merciful and can make you beautiful again. God Bless.

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