May 11, 2012
By thinkingofyou SILVER, Miami, Florida
thinkingofyou SILVER, Miami, Florida
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"Everything is okay in the end, if it's not ok, then it's not the end."

Stop. Just stop everything and think. What is life? Your mind in your body in this world. How your brain works, how others brains work, how you will never know what someone else is thinking. What would it be like to live someone else's life? But in the end, you die. He dies, she dies, everybody dies. Work hard in school, get into a good collage, work hard and graduate, get a hard but great paying job, retire with tons of money, and then you die. None of that matters anymore. You lived a boring life. Or slack off in school, get a job, and enjoy life, then die. That doesn't matter either. Everybody dies. What happens in the life doesn't matter anymore. Everything is over. Then when someone dies everyone cries. It hurts them and they go threw a ton of pain because that person died. They are missing a part of their life. But crying doesn't help, praying doesn't help, there is no way possible that that person will come back. They are gone forever. And you will be gone one day too. The whole thing of life is freaky. You have a life, then you die. Do I know every single person in the year 1035? No. And whatever they did in their life doesn't matter and no one knows what they did in their life. Why have a life? What happens after you die? Is there such thing as heaven or hell? How does anyone know? Maybe it's like you are sleeping and you just never wake up. Or maybe you start a new life, and never remember the last one. No ones knows and never will until they die. Then they can't tell anyone. They are gone. Forever. Now if you use your brain to think about all of this. And really think about it. You will go insane. At least I did. 

The author's comments:
This is how I feel everyday. How I feel, words cannot describe, So I did my best for you to feel it. It make me go crazy.

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