long fight over evolution and intelligent design

May 9, 2012
We have a problem! parents agree that the U.S. pubic school is in a crisis they believe that religion must be pulled out but the idea of adding evolution in the school may improve the teaching in our nation. And pull out religion and prayer out of the morning routine. But what they don't fully understand is that evolution is a religion, and in fact we worshiping their religion. Because it has never been proven.around 50 years ago it was proven work that most of the missing links they had found were in fact fake. But yet they don't pull it out of the text book why?
And ever since they pulled prayer out of the school more students began to fail. and crime in school also began to grow. So they also say that science and religion don't mix in together. But what many don't know that the truth is that they really do and more then evolution would ever.

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