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April 28, 2012
By NikkiSk8s BRONZE, Sacramento, California
NikkiSk8s BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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'Be natural. It's a lot easier than being someone else.' -Me;]

When I was a little girl and I lost something, I swore it'd be gone forever. It'd freak me out whether it was my favorite or not. When my mom did laundry without telling me and I had a certain shirt I wanted to wear that day, I'd say, 'Where is it?!' and she'd simply say, 'Being washed.'
So, I was thinking about this in a metaphorical sense, thinking that it's the same with people. If there's someone you want to talk to one day and they aren't around, do you freak out? Or simply say, they're being washed. Maybe God is doing something in their life that I can't be around for right now. I can't do it for them so God has to. Maybe they'll be back, and maybe they won't be. Some people are for another season or different weather.

The author's comments:
Just a thought. :]

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