May 16, 2012
By nikdavi BRONZE, Santo Domingo, Other
nikdavi BRONZE, Santo Domingo, Other
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Have you ever seen that movie The Ring? What scares you so much about it? What is so scary about that little girl that makes you jump off your seat while watching it? What’s the worse she could do to you?

Kill you. That’s what.

Our worst fear, even if we don’t know it, is death (for most of us, at least). If you think about it, it all comes down to death in those horror movies we sometimes watch. What were those people swimming like crazy for in the movie Jaws? Death, of course. By a shark.

But, What happens after it? After death. It’s intriguing, isn’t it? But at the same time... most of us don’t wanna experience any of that yet. Because once we do, it’s over. It’s not like once we experience death we can come back to life and tell everyone what it is like. Or can we?

It all depends a lot on a person’s belief.

Some believe nothing really happens, that we just become part of an endless black abyss where we are just bacterias floating in the utter nothingness. Some say we go to heaven if we’re good and hell if we’re bad. Some even believe in purgatory. Or becoming one with the earth and being born again as a tree. Or reaching nirvana. Or...reincarnation.

Reincarnation. Yeah, what about it? Well...some may find it to be the most ridiculous way of thinking about afterlife. Yet, that’s the one I believe in. Think about it: you have this huge life goal you want to achieve. You work so hard for it. Every single day, you work your back off to achieve that goal. Then, when you are just one single step away from it, your life is taken away. Then, your soul is left there. Feeling incomplete. You know what they say, energy never dies. So, what now? Is our restless and incomplete soul given another chance? And while we are at it, whatever happens to our soul when we die? Or the energy inside of us, for those with different views. If they just kept floating around, then our world would probably explode of so much energy concentrated in it.

I think it’s logic that they are given another chance, that we might be born again in another body. I believe that when you die, you are born again without any real memories of your last life, but you have the same goal to complete.

Anyway, it’s just exhausting to think about what happens to us when we die. And I think it’s impossible that our mind just shuts down and we don’t feel a thing never ever again for the rest of eternity. But then again...

Why get all worked up about the meaning of death when we don’t even know the meaning of life yet?

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cathhawke said...
on May. 31 2012 at 5:11 pm
amazing piece! really got me thinking!


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