My Walk

May 3, 2012
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The road is long ahead. The over stretching oaks shadow my walk. The winds rushing through, whispering as they go by. The cold road chills my toes, rough on my feet, it’s a long walk, a walk worth taking. Ahead, off in the distance there’s a man. He wears dark clothes. He waits, and then, in a blink of an eye he’s gone. He vanished. Confused I continue to walk the walk. It’s not the walk that’s hard. It’s not getting there that’s difficult. It’s how I get there that worries me.

I could stumble. I could lose focus. I could stumble. I could relapse. There’s hole’s in the road consumed with murky water. Obstacles or reflections? Only I can say. In the horizon is the end. Too close, too far? The man, there again, still, silent, staring. He wants. Not what I want, but what he wants.

I turn back and see where I’ve come from. The whispers, the omens, I still don’t get it. What do I do? I stop, think, and realize. I realize the past doesn’t matter. I can only change the present and hope for the future. Why I worry, there’s no need.

I feel the sun. The rays now bursting from the bright sky. The birds singing. There’s no tune nor melody. No words nor rhythm. But a beautiful song. It’s sung by nature, composed by the heavens. Everything’s at peace.

The sunset off in the distance, I’m mesmerized by it’s glow. The vast ball, beautiful, truly breathtaking wipes away my fears. I’m free now. I can walk down this road now with no fear/ I look back and I see two sets of footprints, I can’t help but smile and keep on walking.

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KelliB said...
May 15, 2012 at 11:51 am
mmmm, nice. You are right that almost anybody can relate to this because everyone has a background where they come from. Its very individually understanding but also personal to you. Excellent!
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