What I Believe

March 27, 2012
I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe he died on the cross for the world’s sins, and I believe he rose again. I believe He makes the blind see again, and heals the ill. I believe that He is looking down on us all right now. I believe that one day He will return to Earth and take all of his children to Heaven.

There are those that don’t believe in God, and I don’t understand how you could believe the Earth just came to be one day. The Earth is too beautiful and great to have been made by science. The flowers that bloom in spring, the clear water during summer, the pure white snow during winter, and the colorful leaves in the fall have to be something so much more than science. I believe God’s love is shown through these beautiful features.

People say God doesn’t answer prayers or God doesn’t care about them. I would first like to say I’m sorry. God loves you so much and He does hear your prayers. Just be patient and you will see God answer your prayers. It may not be in the way you wanted it to happen, but, in the end, if is for the best. God is always with you. Through all of your chaos and pain, God is there. He hears every thought you have, hears every whisper. He hears every cry of help, and He hears every shout of joy.

Life is difficult; I’ve had some rough times. You can’t blame god for all of the wrong in your life. Rough times are to learn lessons, to make you stronger, and to test the faith that you have in God. Don’t give up on Him. He will never ever give up on you. No matter what, God will be waiting for your love. He cares so much for every one of us, His love is unconditional. I believe God is returning to Earth, someday soon. Will you be ready?

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