Wicca Is NOT Satanic

March 8, 2012
You’ve heard of Wicca right? How about witchcraft? Now, for the big question, what about Satanism? Yes? Good, this will help me get my point across. When people think of the word Wicca-or witchcraft-they might think pointy hats, green skin, wicked laughter; others may visualize people sacrifice other people to help the devil. Well in fact, it doesn’t involve any of those things. They possibly even see things on that they have seen on television. Or perhaps from things that originated from scary stories. That is not Wicca.

In Wicca, there is no God, Devil, Heaven, or Hell. They do not believe in such a thing. Their terms of worship are the Goddess-who bears three faces- and their horned God. The Goddess changes like the lunar cycles almost, the Maiden, The Mother, and the Crone, she is said to stand for the moon. The Horned God is known for ruling over the sun; he rules the seasons, and the Sabbat Wheel-or the Wheel of the Year. It’s obvious that there is no Devil at all, but there might be a reason why people would think that; though they look alike, there are no similarities.

The pentagram, everyone all should know what it is by now. The star within a circle, if not then now’s the perfect time to learn! Well you see, the pentagram is awfully known for the fact that most Satanists use it. That’s very true, but the pentagram was actually a Wiccan symbol first. The pentagram is nothing but good in the Wiccan religion. The inverted pentagram is said to have a goat head within the star and is bordered by two circles. But the main known symbol is the inverted pentagram. It’s the same as the Christian cross being inverted. In Wicca, there is neither good nor evil, they believe in the “big picture” more.

In several ways, people associate Wicca with casting love spells, curses. Their magick* involve no cursing. The Three-Fold Law (or Karma in layman’s terms) prevents them from doing so. Does it stop them? Probably not, but every good Wiccan knows that even if they did “curse” someone, the said “curse” would only come back to them tenfold or would it be threefold? Personal gain is also a big no-no in the Craft. They cannot make someone do something against their will, which the same goes for attempting to recruiting new coven members. Which slides into the next topic, unlike in most religions, the teacher does not go up to the student attempt to look like they know things, and say, “You will learn this because….” no. In this religion the student must approach the teacher and show them that they are willing to learn the practice.

Several Satanists believe that Wiccans are hypocrites, due to them restricting themselves to just honoring good practices, things that benefit nature, healing activities, things such as that; instead of using it to benefit themselves and their friends. Satanists say that Wicca is a rip-off of their religion others, vise versa. People state that despite their several differences, Wicca and Satanists have some things in common. Though; those similarities have not been stated; at all and probably won’t be admitting to those similarities for while.

Now, most people would probably think, “Wicca? Not a lot of people practice that anymore.” Although that may be true, there are some Wiccans, Pagans, however you may want to say it. In fact, there are some celebrities that are known Wiccans. Whether or they have admitted this to the public, is unknown. There have been some speculations that the singer Stevie Nicks practices Wicca. But for a celebrity to state what religion they celebrate/practice is like them saying who they’d rather choose for president. People would riot, get angry. Can you imagine if someone as well known as… Megan Fox or Alex Pettyfer-though I highly doubt that they are-said that they were Wiccan? What would their fans say? How would they react?

I am in fact a Catholic, so I should have zero things to say on this specific topic. But being Catholic, and being in love with the whole aspect of Wicca; I often get looks, or comments about the particular religion. Of course, most Wiccans or Satanists or even Christians place their own opinion, from their religion’s view; so why not add the thoughts and opinion of yet another party? Surely research and another opinion from someone who lives on the more Christian side of the opinions and state the obvious reason for writing this. Surely, this might help open up several eyes that have been so closed to this problem.

*Magick- spelled with a ‘k’ to separate from illusionary magic


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sweetgirl70 said...
Mar. 19, 2012 at 10:13 am
i am a christian and dont believe all that crap
sweetgirl70 said...
Mar. 19, 2012 at 10:12 am
i really dont believe that crap i believe there is one god and that jesus died on the cross for me and i dont need wicca
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